keep on movin, homie

I'm not sure where I am on the 30 day countdown, but I'm pushing with everything I got. I just say to myself..."you gotta keep on movin, homie."

I try to envision myself on my bike... pushing through some uncharted terrain... tree canopy high above filtering the sunlight into piercing columns of light...helmet on, hydration system fully stocked, shoes clipped firmly into my pedals... just improvising and balancing ... counterbalancing and relying on instinct.

It's an in-between melody of instinct and ambition.

You just gotta keep on movin.

I was on the road at 5:30AM to meet the plumber at the house by 6:00AM. Of course he didn't show up until 7:30AM... but who's counting minutes?.... wait.... um... yes... yes...


I'm counting minutes. You are wasting my time and I'm counting the minutes as they go by while I sit in my car in the dark. (Thank you, Daylight Savings) But nevertheless, with a strong chin and an optimistic brow, I waited patiently and was there when he arrived. He came in and went to work. I sat in the car and caught a few zzzzzz's.

One Hour, Fifteen Minutes Later...

He's finished.....Hmmm.

I've waited two months for 75 minutes.

As discouraging as that was... the road is paved for me to close up every last wall, call my two-man Jamaican Drywall Dream Team and get ready for the arrival of the Tile.