Light the fuse

As football moves into the semi finals (sorry Brasil) and the nation marks its two hundred thirty some odd birthday... I find myself planning my barbeque appearances and pub soccer viewings and all the while feeling very pedestrian. I have been riding the bus like its going out of style.... and I can't get enough. It forces you to calm down. It forces you to be patient. It forces you to plan ahead.

Did I bring my laptop? What about my schedule? Did I forget my camera charger?... what about reading material? Is it supposed to rain?

Being pedestrian, to a certain degree, forces you to be.... thoughtful.

This is not groundbreaking testimony by any means... but it does support my theory that the transition to a more urban lifestyle with shared resources and shared space... can lead to a more intentional life.... a more engaging life.

By the way, every kid in the neighborhood under 14 with access to fire, has a pocket full of fireworks. The past week has been a non-stop assault of fire crackin, bottle rocketin, and m-80 madness.