pigeon rhythm

So in my efforts to maintain my sanity, I have been trying a little morning yoga meditation to calm myself down before I walk around in the money pit that I call home. I have to say that it might be working. I feel a bit more centered... a bit more focused... a bit more enthusiastic... a bit more ... well... a bit less like trading in my tool belt for a one way plane ride to Paraguay.

I even started noticing positive energy around me. After my lunch yesterday, I took a nap out in a nearby park an as I awoke I saw two pigeons grooming each other. I thought that was only a silver back gorilla habit... but no... these pigeons were helping each other out... it was very peaceful.

But this morning, after an exhaustive night of cutting tiles for the third floor bath (I hate tile cutting by the way)... I was less than eager to greet the new morning with energetic stretching (namaste shout out) and I left the house... without my morning cup of yoga.

Bad Idea.

I feel like an old man with a bad back and a dwindling will to push through the day. I might as well turn back around and head to the airport. What airline flies to Paraguay?