3rd bowl of porridge

So I ventured out last night to find a watering hole that would welcome me into the election night political scene. First stop, Capitol Hill.

So I dip into a politiki hot spot called Hawk & Dove. 1 minute, 37 seconds later I emerged shaken, but not deterred. It was just WAY too crowded and WAY too monochromatic. I was definitely the sole representative of Team Brown. Make no mistakes, I'm all too familiar with "being the diversity" of any given room of two hundred people, but this crowd was just WAY too rowdy and aggressive. It was not a pleasant vibe. Granted, this is capital hill, so they had Election results blaring, charts and diagrams, big screens with talking heads talking their heads off.

It was DC on Election Night!! You can't get that anywhere else.

Second Stop.

Still in Capitol Hill, I dip into this spot called Pour House.

Take that first experience and multiply it by 2. Needless to say... I spent all of 42 seconds in there and I was homeward bound.

Third Stop.

Not to be defeated, after a quick bus ride, I went with an old favorite... Trusty's. Not too far from home, this spot is always tame and relaxed. There were three non-profit type women at the bar and me. It's the kind of bar that you could imagine being a regular in... Assuming that you are looking to be a regular in a bar.

They weren't even playing the election on the TVs. These cats were watching Seinfeld and some basketball game.


"Hey barkeep, you mind switching the channel on one of these screens to the election.... oh and uh... Can a brother get a half smoke w/ onions sautéed in Bourbon while I check these stats online?