hand washing

It is a rarity, in this personal era of growth and gratitude, when I have the tangible opportunity to show the same type of generosity shown to me in the process of building this dream... growing this house. A week and a half ago, I had such an opportunity.

I was able to paint a friend's basement. Two days... two coats of paint...

I was all too eager to get in there and assist in this basement's transformation. It was the least I could do. A while back, this same friend spent countless hours of time in the bitter cold running hundreds of feet of cable and networking wire through the bare interior walls of growahouse.

His generosity was not about future payback... it wasn't about getting something in return.... it was about sharing knowledge and time. That is the best part of this project.... the sharing.

And as the fall season bid us a fond farewell and we entered into an uplifting, albeit frigid tempered, season of sharing... of giving... of reconciliation.... I found myself on the receiving end yet again.

Last Saturday, another great friend brought me a holiday wreath, with vibrant red berries, to hang on the front of the house.

Growahouse likes to keep things festive.