where everybody knows your name

So I might have mentioned before that I get name recognition at my paint/hardware store down the street near eastern market. Its kinda cool. It makes me feel like I'm part of the family... part of the enclave of folks that home improve on a regular basis, the kinship of characters who live by the code of a tape measure and an uncommitted Saturday morning.

I was there last night to pick up some paint moments before they closed. I was there again tonight.

Why, you ask?

... cause I was in a rush last night and I bought the wrong gallon of paint. Not that it was a slip of hand or that I misspoke at the counter.

I was in a rush. I didn't stop to make sure I had chosen the right color. I just went in with my preset decision and I got what I asked for.

An unrefined decision is as useful as a guess.

Last time I went into the paint store with a less than positive state of mind, I exited with 2 more gallons of blue daisy paint than I needed.

Moral: Respect the place and people who take the time to learn your name. Don't rush, go in angry... or dishonor the space with poor decision making.