david banner in the mirror

I am not a violent man. Furthermore, I have not reached my boiling point. I do, however,offer this warning: If you make me angry, I will make an example out of you.

Why... at 9 in the morning on a rainy Friday in the brisk autumn of 2005, do I have to elevate my heart rate and, dare I say, my temper? I understand weather. I understand buildings. I understand setbacks. I understand the rules of project management. What I don't understand, is why in the H, E, Double Hockey Sticks, do I have to hold your hand and coax you into making me feel comfortable with your ability to get my freekin' wood beams to the house on time??? come on, black people. We have got to do better than that. Exceed my expectations. Show up early. Call me before i call you and tell me that the supplier is acting up, but these are the things that you are doing to keep the project going. Make me say... Damn!!, You're great at what you do!!! I was fool to ever consider someone else for this project. But instead... I got wet in the rain helping some guy drop off the joists in front of the house, cus you weren't there to meet your delivery man. Luckily I stopped at Home Depot at 7am this morning and bought that extra tarp, cus if it were up to you... My wet TJI joists would be sitting in a puddle, moist and forsaken... awaiting their untimely removal by the same neighbors that broke into my car.