In reflecting on design decisions... it is often inquired... not just how I did something... but "why?" "Sustainable"... "Eco-Conscious" or better still "Intentional Living" as I define it, is often much more about the "WHY" than the result. Process is important, mind you... and the end product should to be a hot design and visually well worth the effort, but understand that we are in an era of transition. We are in an era in which the fundamental reason we make decisions has to be rooted in a place that ensures our survival as a species. It's that serious.


So the challenge, as I saw it, was to start to finish the interior of the courtyard in a way that supports the tenets of the house. Living intentionally means that I believe that if I put the weight of my intellect and passion behind every component of design decisions... the end result should, by gestalt, be exponentially more meaningful.

Process Lesson ONE: Conserving Resources/Identifying Assets

This is the fence that separates me from one of my neighbors. I realized recently that it was, in fact, two fences. His fence and my fence. My fence consisted of a rickety and semi-rotted 5' tall pickets that ran about 50' down the side of the house. In addition to being firmly entangled with vines, their nooks and crannies have undoubtedly provided years of safe haven for all kinds of creatures.

For this particular venture, I will let the pictures tell the story.

Reclaimed. Recycled. Reused..... Rediculously hot!

[As always, thanks Doug]