8 days have passed

It seems like this week has been a melodious yellow haze.

I guess I could just have easily titled this post my inner Barney Rubble. The point, undoubtedly, is one in which the author feels like he has been driving a barefoot powered vehicle around the last 18 months.

I slept so peacefully last Saturday night... almost as if my bed was made of sunshine and elementary school recess.

The Global House Warming was unimaginable.

There are far too many conversations and experiences to recount them all...

...but here's a window into the event that symbolized a dream...

A gentle breeze rustled... swiftly tapping some backyard shrubbery against an open awning window. In fact, all the growahouse awning windows were open that day... outstretched and angled like a butterfly... all 21 of them... inviting the most picture perfect weather in recent memory to enter the house as a guest... as a friend. I am reminded that the most efficient mechanical system performance is one in which it remains... off.

Not yet dim enough for a crisp appreciation, a photo montage of the growahouse process flipped from one moment to another, projected on a wall in the basement. As the day progressed to night, the photos would be replaced with a screening of Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth. Both visuals would rest on a wall that stood above 275 square feet of carpet that days earlier rested in a warehouse in NE Washington. Its significance subsequently rests in the fact that months ago it rested in another home... 21 miles away in Vienna, VA. This treasure was salvaged from one home, to give life to another.

Waste not.

As guests would arrive from as far away as California, Illinois, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and next door... so would smiles, nostalgia, and beautiful plants that radiated with the sunshine as they passed from one caretaker to the next.

Growahouse received 53 plants on Saturday... simply amazing

Laughter was infectious... so were stories. Glances were exchanged from the third floor landing down and out to the courtyard gates in an unbroken gesture. Joyous pride filled beats filled the house and the street like a we had plugged fingertips into speakers and were listening to the heartbeats of a community united.

I spoke to the masses congregated in the courtyard about ecology, family, love, responsibility, stewardship, difficult times, honest realizations, and pleasant progressive thoughts ahead... over a hundred people packed in the courtyard... and front yard... and side yard... with glasses raised and smiles beaming.

It was a green snapshot... a single eco-friendly, socially responsible instant...

...regardless of the shared past or the individual trials to come... we stood shoulder to shoulder as friends in the yellow shadow of this house in this moment...

and we lived it well.

Thank you for believing

I will post a collection of pictures later on this week. If you have pictures from the event, please forward them to growahouse@gmail.com