blame it on the rain...

Yesterday and today were both moist melodramas wrapped in misty confusion. Lets see... Galiher & Hugley delivered my LVL beams to the site today. By the way, if your thinking about using them for your lumber, DON'T. These guys have failed to meet the litmus test for good salesmanship and punctuality. These dingbats misdelivered my wood to my neighbor five houses down and then came back to pick it up and took it back to the lumber yard. Take a look down the block, Einstien. Does the half-built house with the port-o-potty out front make just a little more sense then this poor woman's driveway? I don't know... maybe I expect too much?

Accoplishment: I hauled the Pepco sample window over to the site. Setback: I had to acknowledge to myself that it weighs a ton and I have no idea how the guys are going to hoist it up above the entry doors.

What is it with me and heavy things?

I bought my front doors from a place called The Brass Knob. It's an architectural salvage place that re-sells pieces of buildings (with varied usage) at a marginal price. So... my front doors are actually from my high school. In addition to engendering a comforting bit of nostalgia, the doors are the embodiment of the what the modern urban philosopher refers to as "hardcore." I'm talking 8 feet tall...3 inch thick wood and steel. There like 300lbs.

I mean seriously folks... 300 lb steel doors. I'm out of control.