dos cafes? y leche?... bueno

Time seemed to stand still this morning as I waited for my turn to order at the Subway sandwich place near the site. It wasn't simply the amazing one man bangaladeshi operation simoltaneously mastering various pre-packaged meat patties, vegetables, and a new-age hi-fi toasting machine that somehow embodies the ability to cohesively toast sandwiches in seconds ... undoubtedly to the envy of NASA. Nor was it the internal pride I felt having moments earlier eloquently conversed in spanish with two of the workers at my house. That eloquent conversation being the genesis of my sojourn to the Subway establishment. (Todos los personas necesitan desayunar, verdad?) Nevertheless, it was neither of those things. It was , instead, this man.

There are few things in this life that put the world in perspective in as unique and profound a way as a grey haired middle aged man rocking a chocolate brown polyester leisure suit in a Subway sandwich restaurant at 9:00AM.