cooling man in the hot seat

So I got a phone call from the site this morning and the potential Heating/Cooling guy was there sizing up his gameplan to get started. Mind you, this is the first time I'm hearing about this guy and he's ready to start. So I was a little defensive because I felt like he felt he was in the door without my go ahead. Nevertheless, powertrip not withstanding, I started to talk to him over the phone about some of the issues I was concerned about regarding the indoor climate of the house. For example, my thoughts about possible using radiant heat on the first floor. I instantly realized that I needed to look this guy in the eye and see if he was going to be able to do the same. Not that he came off as being shady, it's just that as the project manager, you want to feel comfortable with people. So I drove over there (in record time 6 minutes, No, Dad, I wasn't speeding........ much) and met the HVAC Man. He had a honest shake and a knowledgable tongue. I like that. For a second he might have thought that he could have tossed out a bunch of industry terms like return air, BTU's, and CFM's... he kept referencing the guy that did the drawings and the layout design for the mechanical systems, not knowing that that guy was me. It was a subtle, almost undetectable, but nevertheless existent change in his tone that followed his recognition that I designed all my mechanical and plumbing work as well. He knew that his talk of Brittish Thermal Units was not falling on deaf ears. Not unlike the guys putting on the roof, once you hear me repeat a question I asked in english, in spanish...all of a sudden we all back into this place I like to call: The Respect Room

And honestly, I don't mind.

I'll earn your respect... and you repay the gesture by doing great work for a fair price,?Verdad?