humble pie

I've been told that my last post rambled on a bit. I think that is a fair critique. That’s what happens when I let all my "would be" posts collect in my dome and then try and be introspective with my blog... the result is a jumble of ideas, however revolutionary their intent. My bad

I signed a contract last week for my exterior stucco. I did so in the hope that they would get started over the weekend. As with most things lately, my agenda was none too important. The scaffolding and stucco material supplier folks decided that they would not be shipping anything until after the Thanksgiving holiday... which is understandable, but not preferable. It seemed to work out for the best since my guys at the site aren't ready for the stucco guys to come. IN FACT, I think their might be some animosity between the two crews. Perhaps there will be steel cage grudge match in my courtyard? ... A Stucco flyin, sawdust slippin, battle to the death? Good thing I don't have any windows to break[Insert sarcastic shoulder shrug here]