one year, one day

Yesterday marked the 365th day after I closed on the property. I was poised to write a brief, but reflective overview on a year full of lessons learned and relationships built... BUT, I just finished watching Sixty Minutes and they did an expose' on Morgan Freeman. I am not living life to the fullest.

A quick snapshot of Morgan's 68th year of living brought a refreshing influx of emotions to my doorstep. Morgan is living it up. Not in the sense of lavish living, but in the sense of

c h o o s i n g l i f e.

I find myself consumed by the mundane melodrama of mechanical mayhem, mitigating monsoons, managing men, moving metal mountians, marking mistakes, and misunderstanding motivations. Looking at the screen, I saw my reflection and had a flashback to a few months ago seeing the image and haunting words of New Orleans own, Mayor Ray Nagin:


I feel like I need to be careful not to be overly consumed by some things less I run the risk of neglecting other things that are truly worthwhile. Where is my 68+ year plan that has me sailing in the Caribbean not because I am rich... but because I thought learning to sail would enrich my life?

I gotta figure some things out.

Thanks Morgan.