grazing for meaning

We look for meaning in many places. Some say meaning is found in the everyday 9 to 5... if you believe in what you are doing. Some long for meaning and find it in round the world adventures that have them defining meaning through the interaction with foreign peoples in foreign places. Others travel to their homelands and reunite with their past in a valiant attempt to prepare for their future. Still others look for meaning through full immersion in the art that inspires their being. I found myself looking for meaning at the final curtain call of the year two thousand and five.


Why is it important for me to quantify my evolution as a person with milestones of growth? well... I guess it's like driving in a car on a rural highway. You lose track of time and just melt into the semi comfortable existence of a passenger side bucket seat... until... yes...until... you pass by a string of houses. The houses wisp by and all of a sudden you understand more empirically that you have been and currently are... moving.

moving forward.

Growahouse is my tangible recognition that I am not standing still.

Thanks for listening.

Cheers to you all. y un bueno ano nuevo.