wires, wires, wires

This weekend was all about staying connected.

It started off Friday night with a fond and well-deserved farewell to a good friend.

You had an impact on my life as well, bredren, walk easy.

Saturday was spent running cable and Cat6 wire throughout the house. I bought a 1000-foot spool of each and enlisted the help of an industry veteran/colleague of mine to fire up the house with full multi-media access. I definitely appreciated the help and learned a whole new skill set of building systems. The idea is that since the walls are still wide open, we could run all the necessary cable to accommodate a more connected media environment that would be less expensive and result in a higher potential for higher quality data/video... etc.

Keep in mind... I can talk all day about the negative impact of globalization and the dumbing-down effects of the information super highway... BUT if a brotha is trying to watch that Roll Bounce DVD whilst simultaneously downloading an impromptu Vietnamese Spring Roll Recipe with my glass noodles boiling in a pot on the stove... well... I'm all about googling that bad boy off a laser light speed bandwidth connection. You know what I'm saying?