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FACT: LOWES is better than HOME DEPOT.

This is not up for debate. I have long believed this to be an opinion of merit, but tonight I stand before you... a complete believer.

So I bought two bathtubs around the end of November. Now, mind you, at the time... I thought I was going to be a stickler for keeping tight reigns on my budget. So me and my uncompromising will up and decide to buy the cheapest decent bathtubs they have at Lowes. Who needs some audacious soaking tub? So what if the mainstream suburban population is doing the "big" tub thing. Did I even take an actual bath in 2005? Come on... I'm all about keeping things as real as possible. So no whirlpool with foot massaging bubbles. That will teach you... I whispered to the budget... And despite repeated comments from friends and framing inspectors alike, I stuck to my guns. The tubs stay as they lay. I will keep my budget and I will make my deadline.

well.... we saw that the fictitious Christmas deadline went straight to hell with reckless abandon, so that got me questioning...

Is this firm line-in-the-sand attitude working for me?

In short... no.

So last week, I decide to take back the dinky tubs and get a bathing apparatus of substance... of girth... of magnitude... something that befits the front doors, nyahmean?

I buy the new tubs. I rent a Lowes Pickup truck (all before work), drive over to the house, and drop them off. Come to find out... one ends up being broken. I call Lowes just now and in true growahouse fashion... they treat me with unparalled respect and generosity. They start calling other stores. They keeping ending each sentence with: "if that's okay with you." They understand that I had to rent the truck to get the tub to the house in the first place and don't think I should be inconvenienced any further. So now...They are gonna drop off a new tub, from a different Lowes, and pick up the broken one Friday Morning.

That’s what I'm talking about. I don't know if its the way they train those folks over there or if it's just Tracy the Manager, but this woman looked out for me.

And I appreciate it.