bgl, odw, + rlh were here

Tuesday night was a quazi-all nighter, in which, I found myself awake at 3 AM waiting for a text message that seemed light years away. Flash back 8hrs and I was having a long overdue conversation with some of my close colleagues. In addition to looking at the stucco sample colors, we were reviewing the design of the exterior of the house. I went to these folks because I value their design ability, creativity and ability to have and opinion, without forcing an opinion (an extremely important concept). They helped me better realize the potential of the building facade to match every other aspect of the energy of the house.

It was a bit tough for me.

I like design. I like architecture... BUT I LOVE IIMPLEMENTATION. I spent Sunday afternoon building a platform that elevated the height of the kitchen. I had a conversation in which I decided to do it Sunday morning and by nightfall, the platform was built.

That is what I love.

I bought the wood mid-day and spent the afternoon putting hammer to nail. Done. See what I'm saying? That type of one to one relationship between design and build is what speaks to my soul. What it doesn't do... is allow for design development... synthesis of intent... many of the things that fuel the fire of most architects. So there I was... discussing the look of the front of the house... something that most designers would see as the most important part of the design.

But for me... I cared... but in my mind... I'm thinking... whatever... "I have a set of stairs to build... I need to make sure the scaffolding crew has what they need to start the stucco... If I bounce to Lowes at lunchtime, I can run the rest of the security wires before they finish the insulation..." and so I felt self-conscious being around designers and not feeling like design was on the top of my mind.

I am big picture.

Details... hmmm... not so much. I'm all about solving the problem that created the problem.

It was a humbling experience to be able take a step back from the driver's seat and let some folks help me.

The lesson to embrace is that the opportunity to sit down with a group of folks, whose abilities I respect and who collectively believe in me and my project, trumps any feeling of self-aggrandizement that comes with coming up with every idea on my own.