fix your cell phone, dummy

So today I was over at the house trying to work on the stairs to make them a bit more stable and start building the base support for them that sits on the ground and... I hear a knock on the door.

Now would be the time that I would like to tell you the story about how my framing contractor stopped by, not to do work, but just to "check on things" and he was like... "Wow you've been busy!! You look like you're enjoying it."....and knowing at that precise moment that I haven't been able to reach him for the past week because his cell phone is broken and knowing if that knucklehead would show up and do the work I pay him to, I wouldn't have to be up all hours living this semi-nomadic, not-quite-managerial, quazi-day laborer lifestyle.... and I just lost it and proceeded to read him his rights about how I was completely fed up with his sometimesy attitude towards this project and it is important that he understand that I will finish this house, with or without his help... and some other choice explicative that really drove the point home that I can take it to the streets if necessary. Ya Heard!!

However... that did not happen.

He stopped by. He mumbled some inaudible comments about the weather and the insulation and then he left. I kept working on the stairs. For a series of pivotal and deep rooted reasons, all of which I am clueless about, somewhere in the back of my mind I keep wanting to see the good in people often to my own detriment...

I find it difficult to use past behavior as an indicator of future performance.

He has been a dingbat from the beginning and will probably be a dingbat after...

So do I accept that and replace him?, or do I hold on to the hope that not just some people... but everyone can grow as a result of this house.

Maybe I'm just using the wrong fertilizer.