temper temper...(continued)

In retro-retrospect. If I didn't need the plumber for more things, I would have told him exactly where he could take his attitude and his misaligned bicuspid. So maybe the lesson is not as clear as I thought.

Needing him to give me my permit copy and connect my fixtures realigned my perspective and adjusted my tolerance level. All of that is self serving, not to be confused with an altruistic conversational journey. My subsequent calming down resolution phone call to him was more selfish then compassionate. The question I need to wrestle with tonight is not the importance of being right... but this...

Why have I never seen my plumber as anything more than a plumber?

I know that it is not that simple. I know that there is a difference between working with me and working for me (for example accountability). I also know that I was soured because I once tried the late evening kitchen table "I want you to be part of this project" conversation with my contractor and that clearly didn't amount to much personal investment. I also know that if you did a bang up job like my electrician, I would be singing your praises across the information super highway.

I am just not sure how I am suppose to treat you and it’s bothering me, in part, because you seem very clear on how you're supposed to treat me.