the difference

It’s been difficult to manage the reality of the day to day of my life as a project manager... outside of course... my life and reality as a salaried employee with projects, responsibilities, and occupational obligations... really difficult. Some days... good days... I strike a good balance.

That being said, there is work. And there is WORK WORK.

I work. Team Bolivia that is doing the Stucco on my house... they WORK WORK

Yes I said stucco!! I have been quiet about it for the past two weeks, but the stucco started and they are almost 3/4 of the way finished the exterior of the house. It is amazing. And what is even more amazing is the work ethic exhibited. Check it out. I went by the house after work one night around 8pm. I saw my side door open and I was about to get upset because folks left the house wide open and unattended. So I walk inside and I see a tote bag with some clothes on the left and then to the right I see some sneakers and I'm thinking... is somebody still here. "Hello!!" No answer. And then I hear this swishing sound... wait a minute... stop playin!! Are these guys.... naw!!... yup These cats were out there in the dark putting on the stucco.


My main man Jaciento heads the crew. I like this guy a lot... and for several reasons. He's responsible, thoughtful, skilled, and engaging, all the while, allowing me to spend at minimum 10 minutes a day practicing my Spanish with him. He takes the time to treat me like a person... hopefully in part, because I do the same.

Just so that you know... if you need stucco or dryvit done, these guys from Lazarte Contracting out in Maryland get the newly coined growahouse green thumb of approval.