andy dufresne

Went out to Virginia yesterday to link up with another locksmith... can I tell you? I walk in this place and there is a guy behind the register with his sleeves pulled up mid forearm, just enough to expose his various half dollar sized tattoos and hints of larger, more complex, ones wrapping around his biceps beneath the crumpled fabric... and his brow had a look of intensity, like the trade secrets of locksmithing had been taught to him in some Eastern European prison while he prepared for his clandestine international escape... an escape from his unjust imprisonment that was aided by the very man who taught him his lock gilding techniques and who sadly met his untimely death in the throws of the shawshank redemption. That is who I believe this man to be.

So he is trying to come up with a strategy to lock the big front doors. He explained the situation to be far more complicated then I had envisioned. Nevertheless, he was an excellent mixture of knowledge and intrigue at the challenge. I'm going to call him back today and hopefully we can come up with a strategy for the situation.