Day Eleven

I learned how to pour concrete yesterday. Interestingly enough... that was the least impressive of the lessons learned out on the site. I sat with a 70-year-old man named Eugene and listened as he blended stories of men falling off of construction sites from the mid 1950's to the the late 1990's with respectfully raunchy tales of women of days past. I translated English to Spanish and back to English and everywhere inbetween. I walked the site with purpose, yet found it difficult to mask my excitement. It was a day of missed conduit opportunities, friendly neighbors, sunshine, mosquitos, and eager antiocipation of a dreaded concrete truck driver from St. Thomas named Gus.

We build foundations and reinforce our lives with every choice we make. It is the resolve of person setting the formwork for the theoretical liquid rock that creeps into crevices and spills into unsuspected casms that will determine the possibilities.

Pouring Concrete. check.