efforts towards consistency

I find myself in an all too familiar situation. I am midthought, midweek, and midafternoon. Where did the day go? Tomorrow I will ask myself where did the week go? Friday, I undoubtedly will try to salvage the 5-day sequence by powering up on something tangibly inspiring... something not unlike cleaning my workspace. Something like diving into a graphic frenzy of images and interlacing of visual textures that will temporarily tickle my fancy, but will neither sustain my interest, nor generate any revenue. This process will ultimately leave me feeling unchallanged and will subsequently lead my to the abrupt shaving of my head, and vibrant displays of couture. (not quite sure why my clothes get more colorful... but it is what it is) SO... I offer for your dissection and discussion... the following reasons why I feel like taking L. Robinson's advice and moving to Fiji:

  • I have been running every day this week for at least 2mi and I feel like the Muscle & Skeletal Local 438 has mobilized its workers and are threatening a WALK OUT.
  • The rainy week has slowed the process of getting the concrete blocks laid out at the house. I think it is the first time that I have felt a bit powerless about proceeding forward. A feeling that I am now deciding... is an unacceptable one... nevertheless... I still have a stack of Concrete Blocks and no mason to start ... uh...masoning?
  • I have a project deadline for Monday that will undoubtedly have me in the office over the weekend.
  • My new shoes from sketchers( not my preferred brand, but these shoes are really hot) are a little tight around the velcro strap. It something that will be fine once I wear them a few more times, but in the interim... I got tight velcro.
  • Did I mention that I'm driving my Uncle's car around cus my new neighbors decided to welcome me to the area by trying to break into my car? When I went down to the Peace Protest, I parked at the house site and rode my bike downtown. Some passerby jambed a screwdriver in my lock and tried to make something happen. Thanks, guys!! I'm on the steps of the White House talking about peace in the middle east and you're in my passenger seat listening to my Best of R&B Soul Collection. Thanks again!!
  • So take your pick. Personally, I'm going to go with number 1 on the list because after you finish reading this, my body will still feel like a bag of crushed cashews and like a dummy... I'm gonna run again tonight.