day two

I spent the first day after my birthday in a fashion relatively similar to day 365... waiting and worrying. Is the plumber going to show up? did he find out that Dummy ran off with his money? Should I have sent the dishwasher back and gotten the smaller one? It’s not easy to be in a heightened state of being for 7 months and then trying to calm yourself down to celebrate milestones, be they significant or otherwise. Scratch that... its damn near impossible.

I hearken back to the age old wisdom of Albert Einstein:

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

So with a new day, there is a new opportunity to have a new approach. I get anxious at the current state of affairs with the not-quite-so-livable-but-almost-there situation at the house. That anxiety feeds rash decision making and irritability. I could definitely see there being support for an argument that stated that I am not so fun to be around these days.

But every relationship is at any point open to be redefined... even the relationship I have with myself.

So without forsaking my hously responsibilities, I will endeavor to grab a hold of Thursday, May 4th, with a bit more passion, a bit more enthusiasm, a bit more clarity, a bit more fight, a bit more thirst, a bit more awe, and a bit more laughter.

What kind of day can I create?