snap and click

I just got a call on my phone in which a woman informed me that she had 19 boxes of my flooring ready to be picked up. sweet.

I was following the tracking online and they said it would not be in until Monday. This means that I can get started on putting in the finished floor on the third floor this weekend.


I decided to go with cork flooring for the third floor. Main Reasons:

  • Cork is a rapidly renewable resource... meaning that the ecosystem can quickly replenish the supply after it has been harvested for my floors. In fact, you can remove the cork from the tree without killing the tree. It, in turn, will regenerate the lost cork.
  • Cork is an excellent sound reducer. The open stair setup of the master bedroom allows for a significant amount of sound transfer between the floors. Using Cork allows for each step that is taken not to be an increasingly annoying reverberating knock that radiates through the joists as it does in older wood floor homes/apartment buildings. It's quaint... but still annoying.
  • This cork utilizes a snap and click process that should make the installation much easier for me since the floor will be "floating," as opposed to, being nailed in place
  • Doug suggested it, and he is my hero
  • So I am going to try and pick those up in a few hours and see what trouble I can get myself into over the weekend. There will be a significant amount of cleaning necessary before I can get started, but it is exciting nonetheless.