au revoir

This week marked a bittersweet bon voyage to an plesant plastic compadre. They came, not unlike a thief in the night, and swiftly abducted my Jiffy John portable toilet. I guess I knew they were coming... I knew that our time together would be short... but you never think its going to be so quick... you never think that the next time time you see her might be the last.

We often laughed together when I crept out to see you after the sun went down. I would walk nervously... flashlight in hand... trying not to really touch you in any way, but eternally thankful that you were there.

And now... I have two new porcelain friends that have taken your place. They each have two button flushing depending on the amount of water necessary. Yes... I know... they flush... and you couldn't. But I never held that against you... Did I? We were just crazy kids when we first met... You were what I needed at the time. But now things are different... I'm different.

I'll miss you... blue box... plastic potty... awesome outhouse... you take care of yourself.