fire in, fire out

I often comment on the incredible shock to the system the growth and development of the human species has had on the earth and its varied complex relationships... kind of like when you order the medium hot Lamb Vindaloo and it burns its way through and out of your body. I continue by talking about China and their burgeoning industrialization... the good and the bad. Imagine a country with the potential to be as wasteful and self oriented as the US with 4 Times the population. It is a bitter pill to swallow.

But it is very easy to understand if you look for the subtle nuances of everyday life. Case and point...I went to the hardware store buy a Swiffer to clean the cork floor so I could move my stuff in on Saturday. The swiffer is a mop of sorts that allows you to take the head off, throw it away, and then strap on a new one. Very efficient, very clean, very.... wasteful. We are a "consume and discard" culture.

Guess what? If China does that... we are all screwed.

So I bought a swifferish substitute that has a Velcro mop head that you can take off, wash it, and then Velcro it back on.

It may take a little more work to rinse it off, but the bigger the world gets, the more we cannot afford to think small.

Oh and in an unrelated, but oddly intriguing commentary on globalization...