feeling good, looking good

There have been some developments over the past few weeks. The most substantial of which...

I shaved off my beard.

You see... in late December, I stopped shaving my chiny chin chin. The result... over the last 5 months was a cross between Isaac Hayes and Fu Man CHu.

But that time is over. The reason for the elongated follicles was an impromptu public statement, in which, I vowed not to cut my beard until I moved into my house. In retrospect, I could have used many different tangible symbols of my commitment. Perhaps... I could have vowed to walk barefoot until my house was finished. I could have Barney Rubbled my way through the last five months letting my bewildered instep bare the burden of my conviction. But that seemed a bit too much.

Or does it?

Maybe I took the easy way out with the Manchurian chin. Maybe the presentation I gave for work on Thursday would have been that much more powerful if I walked into the conference room with my laptop, projector, and ashy ankles? well ...minus the ashy part... but what could you say? You would have two choices, dismiss me as a clown, or take me fundamentamentally more seriously than you would have otherwise.

You see where I'm going here?

What if the sacrifices we choose as symbols of our devotion are too trivial? Maybe I need to try more compelling self-challenging tactics.

Should I have stated that until I move into my house, I'm going to speak in Shakespearean diction?

Would thou cast thine eyes upon me with new and brilliant light?