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We got started pouring the concrete sub floor for the third floor bathroom shower. The sloped shower floor, unbeknownst to me beforehand, is a complex layer cake of various materials that allow you the watertight security to not have liquid free flowing through the ceiling below. The shower boundaries were debated by local scholars for quite some time, but design triumphed in the end and the decision was made not to have a shower door. It's more of a "shower room."

Anyway... Thursday night we are putting down a layer of contact cement adhesive to stick the rubber liner to the concrete and all of a sudden... I start giggling. I'm thinking to myself... "what's so funny?"


nothing is funny...There is nothing funny taking place... except the fact that we were hella high from the glue fumes.

It took a good half an hour with the windows open to calm down enough to avoid the urge to walk barefoot through my neighbor's sprinkler and scarf down a couple dozen bags of funyons.