power bar weekend

Get your black-green-gold, red-white-blue, purple-rainbow... whatever flag you want and start waving the ticker tape down Pennsylvania avenue cus the road to completion is paved with days like Saturday and Sunday. Picture it, Saturday morning... eleven fifty-five. I pull my newly rented home depot 15 passenger van up to a desolate metal yard in northeast dc. I was there to pick up the galvanized steel pipe that would be cut and reconfigured to comprise my new stair railings.

Here's the rub.

The van, from the front of the passenger side foot space to the back door... I'd say... about 12 to 13 feet. The pipe... 21 feet. So began my epic journey across town with one hand on the wheel and the other holding down the front end of the pipe that liked to bounce up every time I hit a bump.

It was hellish to say the least.

The key moment was when I was about 1.5 miles from home and the back door of the van un-tethered itself and starts to swing open.

But I'm no rookie. I've been in this game for way too long to not see that coming. Right before I pulled off from the metal yard... I dropped trow and engineered this little insurance policy.

(If you are wondering... that is my brown leather belt wrapped around the lock)

So... that successful trip allowed me and Dupree (aka DW) to get the second to third floor stair equipped with an intense industrial looking stair railing that is really OFF THE HOOK!!!

I'm serious... it looks intense and mirrors the concrete in its Viking-like strength.

Did somebody say hardcore?