bad boys, bad boys, what you gonna do?

The familiar mantra of the oddly addictive COPS show awoke me this morning at about 4:00AM. Having fallen asleep fully clothed with the television on, it was no surprise that the mullet trimmed Philadelphia police patrol had seamlessly slipped from their robbery investigating, purse snatch recovering, dismal, day to day beat... into my restless nocturnal chase scene that would have probably ended up with me in the back of an imaginary police cruiser... trying to MacGyver may way to safety from the subconsciously corrupt 5-O.

SO... awake... and surprisingly cheerful... I slinked my way to the first floor bathroom and started painting. I was really doing touch up paint from a painting session a day earlier (a session that was both enhanced and hindered by splitting a bottle of wine with a good friend). So there was tape to take off and some touch up corners that needed attention. I also had to give the ceiling a final coat of white to cover up the primer.

The first floor bath is significant because it is the most complete space in the house. In fact, it is about one day away from being complete. I want to use it as a catalyst for everything else, so I'm going to buy the bath mats and give the space a thorough cleaning.

The hope is that as the weekend picks up with countless tasks that require my attention, I will be able to walk into this small room that will shine like a bright beacon of accomplishment.... well...

a bright light-celery colored beacon... with rich guacamole and pumpkin accents.