nordic man

I ordered my washer/dryer yesterday from Thor Appliances. As with most things sustainable, you do the research and find that things that make sense logically are often sensible environmentally. The washer/dryer decision was no exception. I decided to go this route first because my dummy contractor saw it fit not to build the vent for the dryer that I drew on the plans and that any bargain-basement, bootleg contractor would not overlook. This led to my discovery that there are condenser dryers that do not require a vent. Instead they use the drum rotation and some other gadgets to suck all the water out of the clothes. Following that logic and perusing many consumer reports... led me to the decision to go ultra environmental with a "set it and forget it" approach to my laundry unit... a combination front loading washer/dryer.

So I make the order online and then I call the company to verify that the order was processed. I end up speaking to a man who tells me that there is a discrepancy between my payment and my order request. You see, I paid the base price, but I made note that I wanted the titanium finish.

Who doesn't?

The laundry industry has gone the way of the dyson vacuum displaying their braggadocios hubris in the repackaging of their technologically stagnant products in trendy colors... like champagne, mustard, periwinkle....etc So far be it from me to be the cat with the ordinary white laundry appliance. After all.. once I lock the laundry door, and go on with my life for another 1-2 weeks before looking at the appliance again... I can't image the disgust of open that door and seeing that ordinary white box looking back at me. What would my neighbors think?

Washing machines with vibrant colors clean better, right?

Anyway... I tell the dude he can keep the titanium finish because its not worth the extra $200 for the color... and get this...

He says that I sound like a nice guy and he'll send me the titanium anyway.... for the white price.

That was very kind of you Thor Appliance Man... good looking out.