I am sitting in my bed watching the Today show, checking my email, drinking a cup of blue mountain coffee, and eating a bowl of Pops with vanilla soymilk. I'm not sure why I felt it necessary to share that, but that’s my story. I spent all day yesterday hanging out with Fred the cable/internet guy.

He walked me thought the steps of installing the cable line to my house and amidst the myriad of stories and life lessons shared... he left me with two quotes that made me smile and I would be selfish if I did not share them with the masses.

In reference to describing a woman with an hourglass figure...

"Her body was cut like a South African diamond."

In reference to a long time ago...

"We go way back like cornrows and car seats."

I have had the rare and fortunate opportunity to interact with a kaleidoscope of people for minutes, moments, milestones... all here in this house. This big yellow house.