the return of the siesta

I was treated to a wonderful homemade soul food lunch by a coworker today. "Delicious” would be an understatement.

Nevertheless, as I continue to accept, appreciate, and advocate my internal peace and bio-cognitive balance, I decided that I would indulge the post-lunch urge to take a nap. I returned to my preferred napping park locale and found it to be as friendly and clean as last time.

Lights out.

So as the gentle breeze and whisper of rustling trees above nudged me back to consciousness twenty minutes later... I saw a man feeding ballpark peanuts to a squirrel. The squirrel snatched the peanut and then ran aggressively towards me and started to eat his/her lunch.

An act of kindness from a co-worker begot an exceptional meal... which then led to a bodily need for rest... a peaceful mid-day nap enabled by my mind giving me permission to listen to my body... and I awoke cheerful, not fearful.

Somewhere in there is a lesson about a healthy balance of my body's needs and how responding thoughtfully makes me more apt to be open to the world I inhabit.

I used to live in a city in which siestas were deeply ingrained into the society... that was a good time.

It felt right.