of mortar and men

Day Fifteen I stopped by the house to see the progress and much to my delight, the masons had shown up and were breezing through the laying of the concrete block. In a less than a day, they had added two courses of block to the existing building and cut in the new doorway off of the driveway. (Safety addition to enable entry to the house that was not through the courtyard)

The site was teaming with excitement and energy.

I felt like I needed to be there all day ... you know, be one of the guys... eating food off the hood of a truck.... drinking gaterade and... oh... that reminds me... I need to order a Sani-John first thing in the morning.

That is an important lesson.

The guys that are doing work for me have to go to the bathroom behind the house... like passerby vagrants... that's not cool. That is not the type of show that growahouse is all about. Sorry I let you guys down today. I will do better tomorrow.

Lesson learned.

When you're a cheetah out on the serengeti, you can't let the excitement of the kill distract you from eating your wildebeast.

In other words... protect your investment.