natty dreadlocks no wear handcuff

so it was 2:47 AM and I'm finishing some painting in the kitchen nook. Ordinarily, this mid morning jaunt into my waking sleep would go unnoticed, or more so... unreported. Maybe it was the seamless i-tunes music transition between Jr. Gong, Dido, and Terence Trent D'Arby.... maybe it was the gin and tonic I had with dinner (well... three gin and tonics)... not sure... maybe it was noticing the Cherimoya fruit(Custard Apple) on the counter was ripe and eagerly deciding that I was going to eat it the following morning....again... not sure... but I remembered something.

I remembered the feeling that I had pushing into '07 and I realized what it meant to me. I realized how to describe it.

Indulge your idiosyncrasies.

If the house is a reflection of the owner, then it has long been time to turn the volume up a bit.

this photo was taken on Saturday afternoon in the 3rd Floor bathroom. There is an illusion that tape will ensure clean lines ... perfect painting... not so much. Given that experience... coupled with last night's clarity...I have presently redefined my desire/need for perfection. I take my time. I let the craftsman within step up to the plate and I accept him as he is. Most times, I believe my lines will be fairly straight. I'm confident that I can make manifest my intent if I believe in the task... and if I give myself to it.

An imperfect act forged in the desire to trust myself to do it well is INFINITELY more rewarding then one born from the desire to stop myself from doing it badly. - M.

I don't use tape anymore.