dungyness melody

A football aficionado I am not. Moreover, I hasten to reveal that I am at best... a person with a fair weather appreciation for the gridiron, (unacceptably offensive Washington DC mascots not withstanding)

Last night, the Colts, their coach Tony Dungy, and their rainy south Florida victory in the super bowl... highlighted a necessary character trait for which my appreciation is infinite.

Less is More.

It is said that at the beginning of the season, Dungy, with a calm and stirringly gentle voice, said to his team... "I want you to pay attention to what I'm saying, because this is as loud as you will hear me speak all season."

In essence, it's the proverbial catch more flies with honey, than with vinegar.

I spent the latter half of the superbowl nailing 1/4 inch rubber weatherproofing strips to the interior seam of the giant front doors to keep Jack Frost at bay... and as the bitter northeastern cold front chattered the back of my teeth... I thought about less being more... about governance through quiet respect, as opposed to aggressive fear or better yet... thunderous intimidation.

I feel that in a world where we grow our homes and lives understanding that we have individual responsibility for shared fate... it is the quiet voice that will resonate and sustain long after the loud eco-bandwagon has run its course. Mind you, the aggressive proponents of green living should not be chastised or undervalued... but if we have learned nothing else from inability of the solar panel industry to thrive in America or even from the demise quality hip-hop music... we should know... that eventually momentum fades and mediocrity takes its place.

Unless... you change the character of people, as well as, their habits.

Well done, Tony.