my diamond snow shoes are too tight

Unbeknownst to many, there has been a silent/ unnecessary battle of wits being waged between me and my would-be gardener. Many of you might remember him from the unfortunate deforestation-shrubbery-clear-cutting-incident back on '06. Or perhaps you heard about the frequent 2:00 AM doorbell ringings on his way back from the club (cus he saw the lights on... who does that? really?). Since then, hatchets have been buried. Laughs, as well as, 5's, 10's, and 20's have been exchanged... and yard debris removal/out of town security services have been rendered. Make no mistakes... he's a good guy.

However, Jack Frost has breathed his ominous breath over the nation's capital and alas, the lawn maintenance needs for a while have been minimal at best. What this means is... no more chores... and no more chores means... no more loot from my pocket to his. (Which works out well for me, since the lush green forest of my wallet has been slowly taking the path of the traitorous follicles on my dome)

So anyway.... my friend and yours... decides that he has a new winter plan. He starts taking out my trash. An interesting move. So now every Tuesday evening when I'm pushing up the hill from the bus stop, my trash and recycle bins are already at the curb for the next day's pickup.

Convenient... grossly unnecessary... but one less thing for me to do, right? We should all be so fortunate... Plus... honestly... the third world soul in me loves the notion of contributing to a local micro economy consisting of pocket cash and small favors.

Well after a few indulgent weeks of curb side trash service followed closely by random visits for payment... I had enough. I can walk the 18 paces to the curb myself... and for free, nyahmean? So two weeks ago, I start locking my trashcans up in the courtyard and taking them out myself on Wednesday mornings.

Checkmate!! I'm back in control.

This morning, I awoke to about 2 inches of freshly fallen snow.

... and a freshly shoveled driveway

He's back in the game...