iditarod... iditawrong

So many may be familiar with the annual Iditarod dog sled race in Alaska. [Shout out to the shorter member of Team San Diego who has this race on her "things to do before I die list."] Anyway... this past week, for the fifth year in a row, they have had to relocate the start of the race to an area that has "more snow". hmmmm.... Alaska.... "need more snow"..... seem odd to anybody else?

Maybe it's just me.

but whatever... maybe I should just be happy and embrace Spring, right? hmmmm....So... in lieu of more soap boxing about the climate crisis, I will share an important experience I had last night.

...a two hour midnight yoga session.

I will leave the particulars (along with the subsequent muscle aches) for another time. What I will share, however, is that this experience reminded me why I was inspired to build the courtyard in front of the house... and why it's so important that I finish it. Connection with oneself... connection with myself... is intrinsically tied to connection to the outdoors. It's who I am. It's why I feel a little guilty when I pass my mountain bike on my way to my circle saw. I know I've been the guy who puts hammer to nail with vigorous persistence... but I'm also the cat that closes his eyes when the wind blows.

The courtyard is the place where brick becomes grass... it's an in-between melody. I want to go there and feel peace in that transition. Maybe I could do a little yoga out there sometime?

The yoga instructor kept reminding us to choose an intention... something or someone to send our positive energy towards... one that would make me smile...

I know what mine was. But I'm not tellin.