the great debate

Begat in the depths of NY-DC brotherly cell phone texts and nurtured in the paper strewn cubicles of my office... a conversation has emerged about what type of feast the global house warming will engage. First, there was talk of a CRAB BAKE.

Not really sure what that meant, but convinced that it sounded like a damn good time...the festival seemed to be well on its way to becoming epic.

So then, urged on by a certain moustached gentleman of leisure, who shall remain nameless, but his initials are Wade H. McKinney, IV.... there was talk of a PIG ROAST.

Primal... authentic... hands on.... I like the flare that a spigot roasting pig would bring to this feast...and surprisingly enough, there is a bounty of online info about how to make that a reality.

But some things.... are a little TOO real.

So....... I consulted a local cooking aficionado and she suggested an Open Pit Earth Oven.

Nice. I could use the leftover bricks from the original chimney on the house to line the pit and create the base for the coals and stones that would support a fire fit for growahouse. It's hardcore and natural, without stressing over PETA stoping by for a "conversation."

I'm going to investigate this further. This could be something for the ages.

There is a man in Washington Heights, NYC who will want to hear about this. They call him Marvin The Martian.

He bleeds barbeque sauce.