bearing the weight

Lets start this sequence of information dispersal by stating the fact that I have been operating in sleep defeciency for the past few days. The occupational requirements that led up to that are inconsequential. Just know that I'm beat. I dropped the ball.

I added a door to the house during demolition. The noble intent was to create a more secure entry into the house, but I have, in turn, created another headache for myself. The door is in direct conflict with a structural column. So I had to call my structural engineer, Bob, and have him make a quick stop by the site to help me solve the problem. I should have seen that problem coming. Now I have to find a piece of steel to beef up the lintel of the door.


So that bring me to the point that I am currently existing in. I'm tired, folks. I think that my marathon at my work desk on Monday has dramatically increased my carpul-tunnel-itis? I had to buy socks midday, cus all I could find this morning were ankle socks and jack frost was bitchin all morning... thus my feet were freezing.

    I want to be asleep

BUT... I can't. I have to work on this webpage, cus there are people who support me and want to watch the progress... so I too must find new ways to bear the structural loads of my wednesday.

Oh yes... I almost forgot...NO MORE FREEKIN RAIN!!! Finally, we were able to get a solid day of work in at the house. The second floor deck is almost entirely framed and three of the four stud walls are up. Next stop is the third floor and roof. I might have mentioned that the roof trusses arrived Monday morning. The ground floor is shaping up. It was definitely the right decision to add the two courses of concrete block on the existing walls and raise the ceiling height... it makes a tremendous difference to have such a large volume of space despite its small square footage. Note to self: The Toilet people are coming Thursday to empty the Jiffy John.