shingle shingle

Got out to the site this morning feeling much better than last night. I'm sorry that you guys had to witnes that display of weakness in the face of exhaustion. Nevertheless, we're all back on track and I'm back to solving problems that I create!! I changed my mind about going with Bob's (Structural guy) reccommendation on how to fix the doorway I placed in front of a column. I decided to move the door. It was the right decision and if we can use scrap brick to patch the hole, I think we will all be better for it.

But on to other concerns. We have to get the shingles for the roof. Mr. Walker estimates that we will be placing those roof trusses by the weekend.

In the spirit of being a Steward of the Environment, growahouse is advocating the use of Recycled Rubber Shingles instead of your typical asphalt shingles.

So I located a place in the metropolitan area called roof center and they carry the rubber shingles (Color: Slate Midnight Gray) in stock.

Note: Roofs are measured in squares, which is a 10' x 10' area.

So don't go up in a roof store talking about your house dimensions or building square footage... they don't want to hear that.

They are roofers... they talk in squares. If you don't know the lingo, you will literally pay for your ignorance. Everyone in this building industry can smell the weekend warrior stink on you if you don't bone up on the appropriate colloquialisms ahead of time.