fingernail dirt, splinters, etc...

Its all about SWEAT EQUITY!!! Today was long, but rewarding. I decided that it was time to start getting more involved in the building of this house. Coordination, design, and construction administration are heavy tasks, but you gotta haul a stack of 2X6's off a truck and bust out your tape measure to get some street credit.

Thats what I'm talking about.

No longer just this mysterious guy lurking around the site from 7am to 10pm... no longer just this guy with sketch pad, a set of drawings, and an unusual knack for on-the-spot translations. (FYI, madera = wood). Now... I'm just that guy in the blue coveralls and the high-tec dust mask, cutting wood like everybody else, right?


Not at all, dummy! I'm the homeowner and designer. That means that I'm up late freeking out about how I'm going to add a new window or how I'm going to haul back one of my gi-mungous front doors to the shop because they gave me a door with the hinges on the wrong side. You think the rest of the guys from the site are worried about the hinges? You think it's keeping them up? Construction is not a take your work home kind of industry. Architecture, on the other hand, is very much a take your work home and make your home your work kinda deal. So here I am... tired and hungry... some might even say irritable. Gues what?

Doesn't Matter.

I still need to deal with the hinges. No cuddle time watching Extreme Home Makeover (Still waiting for that response to my letter, Ty). No waiting in line around the Capital Rotunda to see Sister Rosa Parks laying in State. Did I mention I'm hungry? Anyway... it could be worse

It could be worse. You could be a cartoon. You'd meet a pretty girl, get to know her... fall in love, and then kaboom!! She turned out to be a bomb.