I sang a quiet song for you, Rosa

As fate showered me with sunshine this morning, I was able to make it over to the Capital Rotunda to bid a fond farewell to Sister Rosa Parks around 8:30am. It was an encouraging start to a Monday, and by extension a foreseeably long week.

There are always sacrifices that we make for larger agendas, ideas, or beliefs. Those who answer the call to follow their convictions or hearts are often met with obstacles. Some obstacles are intended to stop you, others are intended to help you.

But they are both obstacles.

And they must be traversed, some more lovingly than others, in order to move forward. My challenge is understanding which battles require a kiss and which battles require a karate chop.

But as I said, those are my challenges... and today is not about me.

The growahouse family raises a righteous fist for a righteous sister.