la puerta grande

So I adressed the issue with my gigantic front doors. I went over the Brass Knob and they painstakenly pulled out all the huge wood and steel doors from my high school (Thanks guys!!). We found the right one in the yard out back. So we will make the swap sometime this week. I want for the doors to be my first "official" project.

I'm going to scrape and sand them down a bit and then...


I want to paint them a very bold, vibrant, and engaging color. Keep in mind, you can't just go willy nilly painting for the sake of painting. The doors will need to complement the stucco coloring around the rest of the house, as well as, the interior design of the courtyard area. I have appointed a one woman design team to help with the courtyard aethestic. She's visualizing water, earth, fire, and stone. Its going to be hot.

I have all kinds of help with the nuts and bolts of this project.

For example, I have my NY Storage Maximization team flying in over the weekend. These pros can fit a fit a full linen set in a shoebox... with pillows!!!

all in good time, my friends... all in good time.