my apologies

In my attempt to be a master builder for the ages, I have been neglecting my blog. Quick update:

  • Heating & Air man has roughed in all of his duct work and will be setting the furnace in this week.
  • Plumbing guys started. They dug up the concrete slab for the first floor bathroom, dropped in the pipes for the third floor bathroom and the kitchen and told me today that I need to give them the specs for the bathtubs and the faucets, so they can rough in their copper lines to the appropriate locations.
  • I recieved serveral bids to do the exterior skin of the building. Now here is where you get played if you're not careful. For the same work, I got bids ranging from $28,000 to $68,000. Now you tell me that that makes sense.
  • So things are moving. Things are getting a little hectic, but again... my apologies for the downtime.