I had the distinct fortune of following up my jr. gong night with a night at the theatre. I went to a local studio theatre called The Woolly Mammoth. I saw a play entitled Starving.

In a word... excellent.

If you find yourself in Washington, DC area between now and the 18th of December, do yourself a favor and check it out. The play set in emerging 1950's Atlanta and deals with the complexities of a transitioning black community in the urban south.

Another note about the experience is that they did great job on the set design. The lesson to take home from stage sets is that the designer is tasked with conveying a wealth of spatial relationships in one, slightly mobile, structure. You have to convince me to believe that there is more... that there is depth... that there is a larger context and this fragmented physical structure is merely a sentence in that story.

I also believe strongly that there is a uniquely engaging spirit that surrounds smaller theatre companies. Be it the location, decor, or affordable tickets... It feels like you stumble, fall, and find a jewel every time.