jack frost

It is apparent that despite my frequent requests for climate clemency, the first "official" snowfall of the season is expected for the Washington metropolitan region today and tonight. Windows are still a few days out, Stucco comes after the windows are in... HOWEVER, as I have said on a freekin blow horn for the past four weeks, Stucco needs a minimum of 40 degrees to be applied. So I'm about to be out of luck for a minute. The hope is that there will be a few days of mild dry temperature in the next few weeks and we can jump on it. SO now I have the weather channel GPS matrix hard wired in my dome, trying to predict the ideal time to schedule the stucco folks.

The crew that I have lined up to do the exterior stucco work on the house are the same guys that did this house:

The work that they are going to do will be in the same color family, minus the darker quoins along the edge.

One of the reasons, I selected brown toned stucco is because it has a clean almost "earthen" look. It just seems more natural (despite the none-too-natural insulation board that it adheres to). It will be unique in the neighborhood, but not overly audacious. Plus... the brick exterior of the courtyard will tie the house back down to the predominantly brick streetscape and thus avoid any not-so-neighborly beef.

Speaking of avoiding neighborly beef, I think I should send out holiday cards or something. Kind of a "Hey, howyadoin? Remember me? I'm the overly energetic stranger that waves and smiles when you drive by. You know? Yeah!! Thats me... the guy who checks his makeshift mailbox twice daily, because he thinks its cool that mail actually comes to the house... the guy whose house will hopefully increase your property value, but not your property taxes ... well... umm... Happily Holidays!!... "