lost in aisle 13

I spent what could only be described as an eternity in home depot today. I have no idea why. It just happened... and not in the "Wow! Time is Flying By" kinda way. I was just standing around like I was waiting for something to happen... perhaps I was waiting for the manager to come around and tell me that everything in my cart was on the house... maybe I was waiting for something interesting to happen with the guy who started acting noticably nervous when the Home Depot people asked him to move out of the aisle so they could use the forklift to get my Contractor Speacial Value Pack of Recessed Lighting. He was like... Me? Why? umm What's going on? What do you need me for? I was just ...um.. We need you to come out of the aisle for your safety. Oh...um.. Okay. Anyway, one of the chief reasons I was there was to pick up the hinges for the gargantuan front doors that I have for the house. SO ... when I don't find a big enough hinge, I ask this guy about it... and he says "You need to go to a hardware store for a hinge like that."


Am I not in a "Hardware" store right now?